About our takeaway directory

The main goal is to list all restaurants and takeaways delivering food in Ireland - all in one place and in one website. We want to combine all possible food ordering websites and bring it all in one user friendly page with local restaurants listings to choose from. From your local chippy around the corner to larger brands and chains - the aim is to put them all on the same page.

pizza slices Right at this very moment we have 4,197 different takeaways and restaurants displayed on this website / directory. This list is refreshed and updated daily, so if you don't see your favourite takeaway delivery service here - get in touch with us and we will add it on. Alternatively sit tight and subscribe to our email newsletter and we will notify you when new takeaway pops up nearby.

If you're an Irishman and enjoy a good food like we do then why not send us your pics with pizza, hot Chinese chow mein or a bowl of flaming Indian curry on your table. We'd love to share this with others.

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